Implementing and Managing the Secure Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid workplaces offer freedom and flexibility, but cybersecurity risks arise if the tools used aren’t secure or properly managed. Staff can be trained to spot suspicious activity and share documents safely, but modern technology solutions can further reduce your cybersecurity risk by keeping data secure and closing vulnerabilities before they become liabilities.

The webinar explores how cybersecurity policies and technologies can be implemented or updated to protect your business and client data in the world of hybrid work. We expand on how modern technologies can be used to make remote work as convenient as in-person, how they can reduce the burden on staff by stopping threats before they start, and how automated processes can protect your business by securing client data.

In addition to the three pillars of risk governance, the webinar touches on identity protection and secure computing essentials. Download the presentation and use the checklists to familiarize yourself with these cybersecurity fundamentals.