How 'Office of the Future' and Secure Document Management Can Protect and Improve Your Business

Modern technology solutions make business operations more convenient and empower you to communicate and share data in ways that you could not otherwise. As we become increasingly interconnected, threat actors try to use these tools to weasel their way into networks and databases, which could put your data at risk. These tools do have their own security measures, but the space between them may still present vulnerabilities.

‘Office of the Future’ is NPC’s vision for a more secure workplace. It is designed to reduce cybersecurity risk by eliminating patchwork solutions and reducing technology resources to just the essentials, and ensuring that they are properly configured and secured. Pairing our all-in-one secure computing solution with secure cloud services like SideDrawer will increase your cybersecurity readiness with fewer components and vulnerabilities.

This webinar was more of a conversation than a presentation, but the slides are available to download if you'd like to follow along or reference later.