Ransomware 2.0: Prevention is Your Best Option

Ransomware is a computer virus designed to lock you out of your data until a payment is made. Victims range from single-person offices to multinational corporations, and it has evolved to be more targeted, more effective, and more financially damaging than ever.

Even when ransom demands are met, victims often find their data to be corrupted or double-encrypted, forcing a second payment. Preventing a ransomware attack is much easier than recovering from one, and taking proactive steps to improve cybersecurity will help close any vulnerabilities before they become liabilities.

During this free 60-minute webinar, our cybersecurity experts, Larry Keating and Darren Mar, examine the dangers of ransomware, its impact on small businesses, and key defense strategies that you can use to prevent a ransomware attack and protect your data.

During the webinar, we touched on some checklists that you can use to enhance your cybersecurity or as a reference of minimum security standards to keep your business protected. Download the presentation and use the checklists as a guide.