Enhancing Password Security and the
Power of Multi-Factor Authentication

Cybersecurity experts agree that the most common cause of a cyber attack is a compromised password protecting a user's account. Whether it’s stolen or it isn’t strong enough, the result is the same. An exposed password makes you vulnerable and it's all it would take for a cyber criminal to gain access to your digital livelihood.

Even more important than a strong password is a second layer of security so that a password alone isn’t enough to gain access. Microsoft has reported that enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) could eliminate 99.9% of account compromise attacks. But too often we favour convenience over security, or just don’t know the feature is available.

You can learn more about how cyber criminals crack passwords and how to make yours more secure by watching the webinar below or read our security bulletin, Eight Ways to Enhance Your Password Security.

During the webinar, we went through a few checklists for password best practices and implementing MFA into your business. Download the presentation and use the checklists as a guide.