Enhancing Password Security and the
Power of Multi-Factor Authentication

No matter the size of your business or the industry you are in, the collection of any personal or financial information makes you a target for a cyber attack. Cybersecurity experts agree that the most common cause of a cyber attack is a compromised password protecting an email account or information system.

Even more important than a strong password is a second layer of security so that a password alone is not enough to gain access. Microsoft has reported that enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) could eliminate 99.9% of automated email account cyber attacks, and up to 90% of targeted account attacks.

Using long, strong, and unique passwords or enabling MFA require a little more effort on your part to log in, but the increased security far outweighs the inconvenience by making it exceptionally difficult for a cyber criminal to crack your password or bypass your secondary authentication.

Our 60-minute webinar will give you the basics of how cyber criminals crack passwords, best practices for more secure passphrases, and how to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.

During the webinar, we went through a few checklists for password best practices and implementing MFA into your business. Download the presentation and use the checklists as a guide.